Road Map


YTHO Official Launch



YTHO Tokenomics

Total Supply = 10,000

Dev Locked Liquidity = 1,800

Presale= 5,500

Airdrop = 900

Founders = 900

Marketing & Dev = 900

Public Presale

5,500 out of 10,000 YTHO sold in public presale
1 ETH for 100 YTHO, 1 ETH max per person

Presale ETH locked into liquidity


Sep 30 - Oct 2

Liquidity Locked

1,800 YTHO locked in liquidity for 6 months on Unicrypt:


Oct 3


300 telegram members airdropped a total of 3 YTHO per person

50 addresses per day, over 6 days

Including twitter & meme winner giveaways

Oct 4 - Oct 9

Farming Starts

Farming pool set up for YTHO/ETH liquidity providers (aka the house)

Stake your LP tokens to start earning BRADS ahead of Bradjack launch

BRADS will be the chips used to play!


Nov 14

Moonbase Rover

Unanimous vote by the $BASED community that YTHO is based af

Launched a moonbase rover with 100 YTHO, which is 1% of total supply

Degen network grows!


Jan 22

Bradjack Testnet Event

Bradjack is finally shared!

Bradjack Testnet Tournament with prizes awarded to the top 3 winners

     1st place - 1 ETH, 1 YTHO, 5000 BRDS

     2nd place - 5000 BRDS 

     3rd place - 2500 BRDS


Feb 10 - 19

BRADS Liquidity

For now, only YTHO/ETH LPs can start stacking Brads by farming

Trading will become available on Bradjack Testnet Competition finishes

BRADS presale will launch to raise initial liquidity


Coming Soon

Bradjack Launch

Bradjack will officially launch once BRADS liquidity is added

Bet your BRADS for real!


Coming Soon


Announcing our second game soon ;)




Much to come

Few understand

Many will see



A place where chads, virgins and degens can put their differences aside and lose money at a table together.

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